About Us

We’re Mission Driven and Driven To Help You Succeed

Blue Green Water & Land is on a mission to bring sustainable solutions to Texas families, businesses, and ranches.

The company was founded in 2018 by Matt Zarbaugh—a native Texan and entrepreneur with an abiding passion for, and advanced training in, permaculture. He holds a Certificate in Permaculture Design and is a student of the movement’s founder, Bill Mollison.

“Rainwater is a gift,” says Matt, “and I am totally focused on building rainwater collection systems that provide people with one of life’s most essential natural resources—a bountiful supply of water for use in the home or garden.”

Matt’s desire to help his neighbors, community, and state reach for better and more sustainable solutions, led him to start Blue Green Water & Land. “I want to provide smart, dependable, and integrated water systems for humans, animals, flora, fauna, and the land and space where they exist,” says Zarbaugh.

Conserve, Protect, and Benefit from Newly Harvested Rainwater

Blue Green Water & Land provides top-of-the-line galvanized steel rainwater tanks, land excavation and site preparation services, plus custom design and installation of rainwater harvesting equipment. From single-family homes to breweries, ranches, and beyond, Blue Green Water & Land can help you achieve independence through sustainable solutions.

Rainwater is a gift and together, we can all conserve, protect, and benefit from this precious natural resource.

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