Rainwater Harvesting

When water fails to run from the tap, the need for a self-sustaining rainwater harvesting system comes into clear view.

When Texas-sized floods overwhelm municipal water treatment systems and boil mandates are issued, a rainwater harvesting system will keep you in clean water for days, weeks, even months at a time.

When a fire sweeps over the hills and threatens all you’ve built, the need for a pressurized water tank to protect your dream home and land is critical.

Blue Green Water & Land is here to help you prepare for the worst while you enjoy the best-tasting water in the land.

Don’t wait for a rainy day to address this safety and security need.

We are a Dripping Springs-based provider of top-of-the-line galvanized steel rainwater tanks, land excavation and site preparation services, and design and installation of rainwater harvesting equipment.

We’re dedicated to the utmost in customer education and service. Our process begins with an on-site meeting and assessment, which we provide for free. From there, we make a plan, design and install the system, and walk you through all the maintenance steps and things to look out for.

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No one can go without water for long. Make sure your needs are met with a new rainwater harvesting system.

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